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Wooden  flooring for outdoor – decking is very popular in decoration of the exterior. Wooden decking finds its wide application in gardens, terraces, courtyards, balconies, around the pool, in the bathrooms, as well as a façade. Timber species suitable for the external conditions are: Teak, Ipe Lapacho, Cumaru, Merbau, Masarnduba, Siberian larch, Iroko, Bankirai … Due to the high density and fat mentioned wood species don’t absorb the  moisture and are, therefore, suitable for the outdoors without any impregnation. Furthermore, listed wood species are very solid, stable and resistant to pests. Decking is easy to maintain, and will certainly enrich your each space giving it warmth and comfort.


We offer terrace wood-decking in following types of wood:



Domestic wood species used as decking are pine and ash if they are thermally treated so we have thermally treated pine, thermally treated ash … Thermal treatment improves the properties of wood (more resistant to moisture, vermin and wood also increases its stability).

We offer deck – thermo-treated wood for outdoors in following wood species:



Decking can be profiled or flat in different widths and thicknesses.

In our portfolio we have included a wooden fasteners, mounted on a wooden or plastic base. Elements can be combined to make different wooden flooring mosaics as shown in the photographs below:



Lately, people often choose wood-plastic composite or popularly called WPC decking. Components are so-called wood composite which consists of 70% recycled wood or easily renewable bamboo and 30% polymer. Wood gives such decking strength and stability and the polymer represents a binding element. WPC decking is, therefore, an attractive, safe and durable option. It looks like wood, but does not require maintenance.


WPC decking is offered in the following versions:


Installed decking – Image gallery:


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