Laminate is a quick solution for a stylish renovation of your home in just one day.

Our high quality laminate produced by widely known Kronotex consists of four layers, which ensures the highest quality and at the same time natural sophisticated appearance.


Description of layers:

A) Top – surface layer

Aside from giving final gloss to laminate it also provides final resistance of laminate in daily use, scratching, etc. (AC3, AC4 and AC5 class). It also protects the decorative layer from UV rays that can fade the color.


B -Decorative layer

Is a high-quality print design that gives the laminate final layout and faithfully reproduces  the authentic natural wood look, stone flooring or ceramic tiles in a large amount of colors and patterns.


C Laminate core made ​​of high density fiberboard – HDF boards

HDF fiberboard connects the lower backing layer with decorative layer as well as the surface layer and supports the whole panel.


D Lower supporting layer

Each Kronotex laminate has a bottom layer that as a balancer ensures that panel remains flat, and also provides protection from moisture as condensation that can occur on the lower layer between concrete and laminate.


A variety of decors, thickness and qualities can be found on our website or in our showroom Osječka 39, Rijeka

You can also use “Floor studio”  – Kronotex program with space visualization

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s web site Kronotex 


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