Mapei products for parquets

In our product range we have also all material required for installation of  wooden flooring  such as lacquers, adhesives for parquets and profiles, primers, anti-moisture membranes, sealants and cleaning products, binders screeds, fillers and various accessories.


When selecting  supplier, we chose famous  Mapei.


Mapei was founded in Milan back in 1937 and today is the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives for construction and one of the world’s largest manufacturer of chemical products in the construction industry in general.


Mapei quality has been confirmed repeatedly  by numerous certificates; 1995 Mapei got quality certificate  ISO 9001:1994; 2001. Mapei  renewed that acknowledgement with ISO 9001:2000. Mapei environmental management system has also been confirmed  in 1998 with  ISO 14001 for  manufacturing facility in Robbiano di Mediglia. A bit later the same manufacturing plant received the EMAS registration for compliance with the ordinance CEE no. 1836/93. Many other certificates testify in favor of quality of Mapei products, their concern for the environment, health and safety at work .


Mapei products in our range:


Ultrabond P 902 2K


Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for bonding all sizes and types of parquet on screeds

made from MAPECEM, MAPECEMPRONTO, TOPCEM or TOPCEM PRONTO, cementitious screeds,  old wooden floors, ceramic, marble and terrazzo floors, etc.  Ultrabond 902 2K is also suitable for heating substrates.


Ultrabond P – 913 2K


Two component epoxy – polyurethane adhesive for medium-sized  massive  wooden parquets  and all types of pre-finished wooden floors. Can be found in light and dark colour.



Ultrabond P 990 1K


One-component, already prepared, solvent-free,  polyurethane elastic adhesive. It is suitable for all types of parquet on screeds made from MAPECEM, MAPECEM PRONTO, TOPCEM and TOPCEMPRONTO,  cementitious screeds, old wood flooring, ceramic tiles, marble and terrazzo floors, etc.Ideal for heated screeds. It is characterised by very low  emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus).


Eco Prim PU 1K

Is one-component, polyurethane primer. Solvent-free, moisture curing with a very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for consolidating and waterproofing cementitious screeds.


Ultracoat Binder


Water-based, solvent free, one component binder used to hide all sorts of irregularities and cracks in wood. Suitable  for extreme, high traffic  areas, characterised by excellent adhesion and easy sanding.


Ultracoat Premium Base


Water-based,  two-component basecoat, with extremely very low emission of volatile organic compounds  (VOC). Characterised by high binding power, high isolating and defect hiding properties. Especially suitable or the preparation of parquets and wooden floors requiring repair before applying finishing cycles.


Ultracoat Easy Plus


One-component polyurethane water-based varnish  with very low emission of volatile organic compounds  (VOC ), suitable for residential and commercial areas. Ultracoat Easy Plus contains  60 %  of gloss.


Ultracoat High Traffic 60


Two-component polyurethane water-based varnish  with extremely low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Characterized by excellent level of resistance to abrasion and cuff marks from shoes, therefore  suitable for high traffic areas.It contains 60 % gloss.


Ultracoat Oil


Solvent-free, natural drying oil-based resin used for protection of wood floors in residential  areas.


Ultracoat Oil Care


Solvent-free, natural drying oil-based resin finish in water dispersion for maintenance and protection of oiled parquets.  It will repair small scratches made during installation of your parquet.It will also help to maintain the original beauty of your parquets for decades.


Ultracoat Clean Polish


Special product for the maintenance and protection of varnished wood floors.


Ultrabond Super Grip


White prefabricated, multi-purpose acrylic adhesive in water dispersion with high initial bond strength, particularly suitable for vertical surfaces. Once hardened, the Ultrabond Super Grip has great resistance to damp and heat.


Gallery – Mapei products for parquets:






Aluminum profiles


In our offer you can find many types of aluminum profiles  specially designed to connect floors  such as parquets, laminates, carpet, ceramic with other  types of flooring  or to connect floors with different heights.