Aluminum profiles


In our offer you can find many types of aluminum profiles  specially designed to connect floors  such as parquets, laminates, carpet, ceramic with other  types of flooring  or to connect floors with different heights.




Wooden  flooring for outdoor – decking is very popular in decoration of the exterior. Wooden decking finds its wide application in gardens, terraces, courtyards, balconies, around the pool, in the bathrooms, as well as a façade. Timber species suitable for the external conditions are: Teak, Ipe Lapacho, Cumaru, Merbau, Masarnduba, Siberian larch, Iroko, Bankirai … Due to the high density and fat mentioned wood species don’t absorb the  moisture and are, therefore, suitable for the outdoors without any impregnation. Furthermore, listed wood species are very solid, stable and resistant to pests. Decking is easy to maintain, and will certainly enrich your each space giving it warmth and comfort.


We offer terrace wood-decking in following types of wood:



Domestic wood species used as decking are pine and ash if they are thermally treated so we have thermally treated pine, thermally treated ash … Thermal treatment improves the properties of wood (more resistant to moisture, vermin and wood also increases its stability).

We offer deck – thermo-treated wood for outdoors in following wood species:



Decking can be profiled or flat in different widths and thicknesses.

In our portfolio we have included a wooden fasteners, mounted on a wooden or plastic base. Elements can be combined to make different wooden flooring mosaics as shown in the photographs below:



Lately, people often choose wood-plastic composite or popularly called WPC decking. Components are so-called wood composite which consists of 70% recycled wood or easily renewable bamboo and 30% polymer. Wood gives such decking strength and stability and the polymer represents a binding element. WPC decking is, therefore, an attractive, safe and durable option. It looks like wood, but does not require maintenance.


WPC decking is offered in the following versions:


Installed decking – Image gallery:


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For installation of the parquet flooring on cement screed  moisture needs to be below 2 %,  and in the case of floor heating floors moisture in the screed must be below 1.5%.

Rough calculation regarding the drying of screed is that it dries 1 cm in a month,  and since the average screeds have a thickness  about  4.5 cm, drying time is about 5 months to reach moisture level below 2 %.

Small acceleration can be reached with a regular airing (windows open during the day half-open and during the night completely closed) or if you  lease equipment for moisture draining.  These equipment will not  dry only your floors, but also the walls, and will create a healthier environment with less humidity.

Space measurement



When you measure the space where you want to put the parquet  flooring always calculate the exact size of the space and add to your order additional quantity:

  1. For straight installed parquet  4 %
  2. For diagonally installed  parquet  8 %
  3. Parquet set  as herringbone 10 %


If you need professional advice or have any doubts, please contact us with confidence. We will be happy to help you regarding  the space measurement and various other advice.

Hardness and stability of parquet


When selecting parquets considering technical specifications don’t pay attention only to the hardness of the selected parquet flooring, but also check for stability (volumetric, radial and tangential), I.e.  expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature, humidity and similar influences.

On our site you can find technical information for almost any wooden flooring.

Parquet maintenance tips


• Don’t clean wooden floors with a wet cloth. Too much water can cause lifting, swelling or discoloration – drab of your wooden floor.

• Don’t use wax, soap and other household cleaners for lacquered surfaces. It can blur the varnish on the parquet.

• Don’t allow sand, dirt or soil to accumulate on flooring. They act like sandpaper and could scratch the surface of your parquet.

• Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly – at least once a week.

• Wipe spillage immediately.

• Place doormats at the front door to prevent entry of sand and dirt. Put a rug on frequent areas, at the end of the stairs and near the doors.  Avoid rubber backing.

• Use protective pads for furniture

• Cut claws to pets in order to avoid scratches on the floor.

Mobile Houses

We offer a new generation of mobile houses that are characterized by excellent design, natural appearance, spaciousness and above all great price.


Made from famous Slavonian oak – high quality material with great insulating properties these mobile homes are among low-energy houses therefore comfortable place to stay in during the summer months and also easy to heat in winter times with maximum energy saving.


We provide you space solutions for every taste because we believe that everyone deserves their piece of paradise. Especially now, in a time of global economic crisis we can provide you enjoyment in mobile house that is spacious, comfortable and above all cost-effective.
Your admirable mobile home for amazing price!



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Wooden Houses

We offer a wide range of wooden houses, prefabricated houses, mobile houses and wooden houses made of centuries-old oak that can also be mobile according to your wishes.


We proudly offer our wooden houses keeping in mind that they are made from natural materials and that for their production we use less energy than any other home. Prefabricated houses are made in accordance with the latest trends. When we describe our oak houses please bear in mind that they are made from material obtained by deconstructing of the old oak houses gazebos and arbors and subsequent coating the wood with oil or water-based means. This protects the environment to the greatest possible extent so in both cases we are producing environmentally sustainable and low-energy houses.


Consequently wooden houses are ideal choice for those who want to combine modern quality of life with the warmth of home without forgetting the harmony with nature and aesthetics.


We will be happy to give you all additional information our showroom, Osječka 39, Rijeka

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