Parquet Doussie



DOUSSIE (Afzelia pachyloba). It’s known thirteen species of this tree, native to tropical Africa or Asia.

Doussie is primarily used as a timber, although some species have medicinal properties. Doussie seed is attractively black and therefore often used as beads in jewelry.


Flooring doussie is characterized by exceptional hardness, small movements and high stability. Because of its reddish-orange shades it radiates a special warmth.


Doussie flooring can be found in the following classes: A, A / B, B and C, and surface treatments: raw, lacquered, oiled and brushed.



Model A A/B B C Dimensions
3-s/3-strip 13-16 x 206 x 2200mm
3-s/1-strip (daska) 13-16 x 150-190 x 1500-2200mm
2-s 70 11 x 70 x 400-600mm
2-s 90 11 x 90 x 600-1200mm
2-s 120 11 x 120 x 1000-1500mm
Solid processed 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Solid raw 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Values very high high medium low very low
Weight kg/m² 1000
Hardness (Brinell) 5,5
Image gallery – installed parquet doussie:


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