Parket Sucupira



SUCUPIRA (Bowdichia virgilioides) grows in the jungles in the Northen Brazil. The tree reaches up to 30 feet in height. It is believed to have strong healing powers which cures arthritis, digestive and stomach disorders, eczema and allergies.


Sucupira wood is often used in furniture and flooring industry as well as for manufacturing doors and stairs. Due to its exceptional water resistance Sucupira is often used in shipbuilding.


Since it is very durable, Sucupira is widely used as a parquet in areas with a high frequency. Parquet Sucupira has medium or dark brown color tending toward golden-red which radiates special warmth. Sucupira is a high quality flooring and its beauty will not fade with age. If you want something different, parquet that will be a topic of conversations for years, then Sucupira flooring is the right choice for you.


Parquet Sucupira can be found in the following classes: A / B and treatments: raw, painted:


Image gallery – installed sucupira parquet


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