Parquet Palisander



PALISANDER (Dalbergia) is often called Rosewood and owes its name to a reddish-brown color and to its intense smell that retains for a long on freshly cut parts of the tree and processed wood. Palisander tree is native to Latin America and Asia and due to its characteristics ranks among the top timber species.


Palisander wood is a very beautiful and expensive, but at the same time because of its characteristics very exploited and endangered wood species. Its structure is characterized by high density and fat. Rosewood is strong and therefore suitable for making high-quality furniture and flooring.


Parquet palisander has amazingly rich tones that vary from brown to purple. It has a high resistance to moisture.

Palisander parquet can be found in the following classes: A / B and treatments: raw, lacquered


Image gallery – installed parquet palisander


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