Parquet Ipe Lapacho



IPE LAPACHO (Handroanthus) is the wood species that originates from Central and South America. The tree reaches up to 50 meters in high and pelvic diameter up to 170 cm. Ipe Lapacho is also called Brazilian walnut. When logging, Ipe has an intense yellowish green color, which gets darker with time.


Ipe – as it is often referred, is a very oily and dense wood, known for its unbelievably hardness and durability. Ipe lapacho finds its application as parquet, in shipbuilding, in the construction of railway sleepers, etc. It has extreme resistance to decay  and insects so outdoor flooring – decking Ipe Lapacho is widely known.


Parquet Ipe Lapacho therefore is an excellent choice for the heavy loaded and frequent areas. Ipe Lapacho parquet is three times harder than oak, highly resistant to abrasion and long lasting. Ipe Lapacho flooring is dark brown toward olive-brown, often with attractive bright or dark lines, has a fine structure and contains a large amount of oil. Under the influence of the sunlight parquet Ipe Lapacho minimally changes its color and therefore has a low rate of oxidation.


Parquet Ipe Lapacho can be found in the following classes: A / B and treatments: raw, lacquered:


Image gallery – installed parquet ipe lapacho:


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