Parquet Walnut



European walnut grows in mixed forests of southern Europe, but is possible to find it also on the East – all the way to India. It grows to a height of 20 meters, blooms in June, and gives nuts in October. Walnut tree is commonly used in parquet industry and production of elegant furniture.


Walnut parquet is firm and homogeneous. It has a rich brown color and specific dynamic texture making it highly appreciated.

Parquet walnut can be found in the class A / B and the following treatments: raw, lacquered, oiled and brushed.



Models A A/B B C Dimensions
3-s/3-strip 13-16 x 206 x 2200mm
3-s/1-strip (daska) 13-16 x 150-190 x 1500-2200mm
2-s 70 11 x 70 x 400-600mm
2-s 90 11 x 90 x 600-1200mm
2-s 120 11 x 120 x 1000-1500mm
Solid processed 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Solid raw 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Values very high high medium low very low
Weight kg/m² 720
Hardness (Brinell) 2,5


Image gallery – installed walnut parquet


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