Parquet Ash



ASH (fraxinus excelsior) is a type of deciduous wood that grows up to 30 meters high. It covers the entire northern hemisphere.
Ash wood is hard and tough, and yet flexible and elastic. That’s why it is often used in production of sports equipment, tool handles, wooden wheels, parquet and furniture. Ash also makes very good firewood.


Ash Parquet is very suitable for sports flooring due to its high elasticity and is widely used as a flooring in gyms, schools and various other active areas. Its bright colors and striped structure will make your atmosphere lively and dynamic.


Flooring Ash can be found in the following classes: A, A / B, B, C and treatments: raw, lacquered, oiled and brushed.



Models A A/B B C Dimensions
3-s/3-strip 13-16 x 206 x 2200mm
3-s/1-strip (daska) 13-16 x 150-190 x 1500-2200mm
2-s 70 11 x 70 x 400-600mm
2-s 90 11 x 90 x 600-1200mm
2-s 120 11 x 120 x 1000-1500mm
Solid processed 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Solid raw 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Values very high high medium low very low
Weight kg/m² 720
Hardness (Brinell) 3,5
Image gallery – installed ash parquet


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