Parquet Burma Teak



TEAK BURMA (Millettia Laurentia) is plant from the mint family. It grows in South and Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand, mostly as part of monsoon forest vegetation. Teak tree can reach up to 30-40 meters in height.
Teak wood has a yellowish brown color and rich dense structure. Because of its fat is particularly resistant to moisture, and finds its wide application in exteriors as decking. Teak is used for production furniture for outdoor conditions, as a flooring for boats, as well as decking for terraces and around pools.


Teak processing is relatively difficult due to increased amounts of oil in the wood that makes it highly resistant to the water, pests and parasites. Due to its natural oils teak flooring is resistant even when not additionally oiled (protected) for the exterior.


We offer parquet teak in the following classes: A, A / B and treatments: raw, lacquered, oiled and brushed


Models A A/B B C Dimensions
3-s/3-strip 13-16 x 206 x 2200mm
3-s/1-strip (daska) 13-16 x 150-190 x 1500-2200mm
2-s 70 11 x 70 x 400-600mm
2-s 90 11 x 90 x 600-1200mm
2-s 120 11 x 120 x 1000-1500mm
Solid processed 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Solid raw 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Values very high high medium low very low
Weight kg/m² 720
Hardness (Brinell) 3,5
Image gallery – installed parquet Teak


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