Parquet Siberian Larch




SIBERIAN LARCH (Larix sibirica) is a deciduous conifer that originates from the north of Russia. The tree is high and reaches 20-50 meters in height. Products made of Siberian larch are widely used in shipbuilding, construction and carpentry since Siberian larch timber doesn’t bend or break due to sudden changes in temperature. Siberian larch wood is firm, resistant to moisture and rot. Its characteristics make Siberian larch very suitable for flooring production.


Siberian larch parquet is a warm, pleasant to touch and does not creak when walking. Larch parquet is suitable not only for residential areas, but also in offices or sports halls and gyms. Also, larch parquet is very suitable as a terrace plank and decking for gardens and outdoor spaces due to its moisture resistance. Larch parquet is extremely attractive. Its color varies from yellowish to gently brown and has distinct growth rings which give parquet a special touch.


Image gallery – installed Siberian larch parquet


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