Parquet Padouk



PADOUK (Pterocarpus tinctorius) tree is native to Africa and Asia. Due to its medicinal properties some species of this wood are used in traditional medicine.


Parquet padouk is highly appreciated not only for its toughness and stability, but also for its distinctive appearance. That’s why padouk wood is highly appreciated in parquet production, furniture industry and various interior decoration purposes.

Padouk flooring has lively flame red colour and striped irregular structure.


Models A A/B B C Dimensions
3-s/3-strip 13-16 x 206 x 2200mm
3-s/1-strip (daska) 13-16 x 150-190 x 1500-2200mm
2-s 70 11 x 70 x 400-600mm
2-s 90 11 x 90 x 600-1200mm
2-s 120 11 x 120 x 1000-1500mm
Solid processed 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Solid raw 14-21 x 25-120 x 250-1500mm
Values very high high medium low very low
Weight kg/m² 750
Hardness (Brinell) 3,8

Image gallery – installed parquet padouk


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